I hope you have had a good summer! It’s Autumn time again! That time when I like to have a chat with myself….think about what projects have grown well this year, what can I harvest, what got eaten by the slugs and what do I want to focus on for the next three months. The Certificate in Counselling, training course … Read More

Happy Christmas!

Wishing you a happy time out, from your usual doings. Time to do more of whatever you love to do, anything that reminds you of what makes you feel great. Time to hibernate and recharge, like nature does, we all need an opportunity to drop a few leaves, cosy up and enjoy our stillness….I’m sure you can choose to create … Read More

New! … Nurturing Journal Club

Hi, this project is evolving fast!   The Journal Club gatherings are a follow on from the talks so everyone who already has a Journal, is very welcome. It’s a chance to catch up, get inspired again, have a giggle, a hot drink and receive a gift… The first one will be on 1st December 2016, 5.30-6.30 at Chococo in … Read More

The Journal Talks are popular!

The Talks have been going well, focusing on how to integrate the suggestions into daily life, using examples of experiences that happened this week…Even linked something from the new Bridget Jones Film, I saw a few days ago, about Integrity, that fitted perfectly with the page about honouring our own core values.  Explained how to work the reflex points on … Read More

New! Nurturing Journal Talks … Book now!

Autumn is coming…time to get harvesting the fruits of our lives and chuck out any rotten apples!! The Journal is ready, the Cafes are booked so come along and enjoy an hour of positive talk and nurturing to lift your spirits! The Journal is illustrated with my quirky drawings, inspiring words and blank spaces for your own personal jottings. Full … Read More

Nurturing Journal and Workshops are almost ready to launch…!

The new Journal is full of inspiring thoughts and ideas… Suggestions on how you can create ‘stillness’ in your day, calmness, renewed enthusiasm and a stronger ability to choose to think positively. We need to make quiet time to connect with our own, naturally generous spirits. It is not until we are more loving with ourselves, kinder, forgiving and creative, that … Read More

Spring 2016 has sprung !

We have had a long slog of wet, grey and windy weather over the last six months… no wonder we get weary. So yippee! Now we can really absorb more warmth and light, helping us to feel energised and lifting our spirits… New shoots of ideas and creativity, encouraging us to look at our lives with a fresh mindset and … Read More

Autumn 2015

Autumn has arrived… The clocks have been turned back, the hot lemon/ginger/peppercorn remedy is brewing and my 2016 Calendar is printed! The photo of the calendar is on it’s way… more uplifting thoughts and quirky drawings, to make you and your friends giggle, throughout the year. Hope you will enjoy it. Sarah    

Welcome 2015…

Welcoming in 2015… January fills me with a mix of many emotions. Excitement for a fresh start, a specific time to plan new adventures for the year ahead and a little overwhelmed at where to start. The days feel slightly lighter but knowing nature will throw some storms at us. Still enjoying feeling rested over Christmas and now needing to … Read More

Autumn 2014

Autumn has arrived! After our long warm summer, it’s feeling a bit nippy and dark… Nature is carrying us into our next chapter. The leaves are falling and over the next few months will rot down and produce compost to nurture new growth, in the spring. In the same way, we can store in our hearts all the good things … Read More