The Journal Talks are popular!

The Talks have been going well, focusing on how to integrate the suggestions into daily life, using examples of experiences that happened this week…Even linked something from the new Bridget Jones Film, I saw a few days ago, about Integrity, that fitted perfectly with the page about honouring our own core values.  Explained how to work the reflex points on the hands and had time for people to practice and ask questions. So, if you would like to come along too, here are some more dates you can book… All at Chococo, Gandy Street, Exeter.

Thursday 27th October 2016 @ 3-4pm.    Thursday 3rd Nov 2016 @ 5.30 -6.30.    Friday 11th Nov @ 3-4pm. Friday 18th Nov @ 3-4pm.    Thurs 1st Dec @ 5.30 – 6.30.      Friday 2nd Dec @ 3-4pm.

Hope to see you soon.   Sarah