I offer Nurturing Journal Talks, in a chatty style with plenty of tea and giggles!

For small groups of people in Cafes or @ Home.

I give examples of how I use the ideas in daily life and demonstrate specific Hand Reflexology and Acupressure points for you to try. Simple, effective tips to use in the moment, when you want some assistance to manage your life a little better.

The total cost for this heartwarming hour and Journal is £20 per person.

“Practical activities, easy to understand and effective”. Helen E Cullompton

What to expect at a Talk.

  • You will be given a beautiful Journal in a box, to use in private when you go home.
  • A cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate…
  • I will show you how to get the most from your Journal, by summarising the topics, giving extra self-help tips ~ Hand Reflexology and Acupressure points, examples of how I use these effective tools in everyday life.
  • An opportunity to receive a newsletter… a regular positive thought, to keep you smiling!
  • To join a small gathering of like-minded people @ Home or in a Café.

There is a huge need for us all to have good life skills at the moment so come along, it may help you to really hear yourself and feel more delight in your everyday life.

‘You bring a lovely atmosphere to the group, everyone relaxed and went home smiling!’ Clare H Devon

For more information about Talks being held, please contact me for details:

If you would like to host an event @ Home, to invite and nurture your friends and family, please contact me for details. Four to 8 people is ideal, you could make it a coffee morning, an afternoon tea-time treat or an Evening do and receive special gifts for you!


Agreement when attending a Talk.

Cafetalk Talks are for people who are generally well, able to accept how they are feeling and just want some encouragement and inspiration to feel more enthusiastic and excited about their everyday lives.

Sarah Hewlett uses her own personal thoughts and words. She has a Certificate in Counselling but is not a professional counsellor. Therefore the talks may not be helpful or suitable for anyone who is pregnant or suffering from any physical, emotional or mental health issues and needs professional support at this time.

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