Summertime !

Summer has started, at last!!

Such a lovely feeling … more flip flop, bare feet days, the warmth, the longer light evenings, the fresh morning air that tingles with the excitement of expected sunshine…

We can choose more easily to make time to relax, to dangle, to recharge and refresh ourselves… There are plenty of fresh juicy vegetable growing so we can create delicious, simple food, make jugs of water to drink with interesting flavours.. lemon and mint is my favourite, it looks so vibrant! .. and ¬†just sitting, enjoying that sense of calm, that we can choose.

When we are properly rested, fresh ideas often flow too. Helps us to focus more simply, on what would make us feel good.

At the moment, every morning I think about what would make this a great day. Then I make a plan, of things I need to do, to work towards helping that to happen. In that way, I feel excited by what has developed well and can listen to any difficulties faced. Then by reconsidering those situations, make a fresh plan for the next day….!

I hope you will be able to feel refreshed, energised and bursting with fresh ideas, for all areas of your life, during this Summer.