Hello to you and 2014

In January I like to do a life review. It helps me to get excited, imaginative, focused, make a plan for my dreams and to create good things in the coming year.

I buy a new, brightly coloured notepad and start with headings … Home, Health, Work …  scribble down general thoughts.

Then really think about each situation in detail, what is working well, what is not good, what needs changing, how can I make it better, do I need some help/advice then I make a plan of action.

I look at the year ahead in three month sections, pencil in my aims and what I need to do to first.

Some will come to fruition, some will develop in ways I can’t imagine right now and others may not happen at all…that is part of living life with a warm heart, a free spirit and a rough map!

I hope you have plans for many wonderful adventures throughout 2014, too!