Sarah Hewitt

Sarah HewittMy Passion

Is to inspire people to feel the best they can today!

My Ethos

I know that I am work in progress!

Learning, growing, creating, struggling, celebrating and laughing each day.

My aim is to cherish it all with warmth and generosity. To walk my talk!

I understand from personal experience that it is easier to do on some days than others.

So, my purpose is to encourage, inspire and remind us all that we are powerful creators and that when we can choose to nurture ourselves we feel more delight, in our everyday lives.

For everyone’s highest good!

My Journey

Throughout my life I have been interested and curious about health, art, nature, food, relationships, wellbeing, our life experiences and how wonderfully unique and complex we all are.

I have been a health care practitioner for over 27yrs.

Initially as a nurse and since then a Reflexologist, Acupressure Therapist and now also have a Certificate in Counselling, to add to my listening skills.

I have attended many insightful personal development courses and ongoing studies that have helped me with my own challenges too.

Cafetalk is a continuation of my therapeutic work and life experiences, sharing my knowledge and understanding gained during the last 50 years.

My love of drawing and painting enables me to illustrate the messages in my own quirky style.


My mission is to…

Create quirky, delightful drawings with warm, wise and witty words that lift our spirits, warm our hearts, make us giggle, inspire positive thoughts and bring delight into our daily lives.

Develop an increasing range of Journals, Cards, Pictures and Calendars.

Offer Journal talks, for small groups, in quiet cafes or @ home. To share my therapeutic skills and life experience, demonstrate practical self-help tips, using relaxation techniques, Hand reflexology and acupressure points and show how useful and effective these tools can be, in everyday life.

Encourage us all to be nicer to ourselves and each other, more often !